1P-LSD 50 blotters

(11 customer reviews)

$ 162.00

50 x 100mcg/blotter

only for research.



11 reviews for 1P-LSD 50 blotters

  1. Aaron

    A good medium strength, with not bitterness. Highly recommend.

  2. Pete S.

    What can you say, THAT WAS GREAT. REALLY GREAT.

  3. Melvin Edgerley

    Best 1P I have tried.

  4. Boris

    Kudos to you, Kudos indeed.

  5. Raymond Ford

    A great price for how many you’re getting

  6. Dave Clarke

    A few month ago when I placed this 50 blotters in my cart I was told that it is unable to ship to my Alaska address, but that 25 blotters is no probllem, anyway they are amazing.

  7. Lori Hill

    Love this item and convenience

  8. Stephanie Bridges

    it works really well, I got a good deal on this, so worth it.

  9. John G.

    I’ll take my wings now.

  10. Tim

    Great deal on our favorite vendor.

  11. Nathaniel A. Smith

    EDIT: So the price just jumped up 6 bucks since last delivery? What the…

    Stuff is amazing! Definitely one of if not my favorite .
    Prefer the 1p-lsd and ald-52 over the other two but they are all pretty good.

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