1P-LSD 25 blotters

(27 customer reviews)

$ 85.00

25 x 100mcg/blotter

only for research.

Each order may only buy 1 unit.



27 reviews for 1P-LSD 25 blotters

  1. Jon Y.

    Ordered multiple times and never had any problems.

  2. Ronald Rosales

    Top notch

  3. Kathleen Simone

    Great Price, Great experience.
    The only regret is ran out of stock for over a month, anyway, its worth it.

  4. James Beltz

    Come on now, we have a great night.

  5. Michael P Donnelly

    Fast delivery. Will purchase again!

  6. Marco R.

    It worked, is definitely worth a try.

  7. Derek Nichols

    Great price, but took over a week to get it.

  8. Bradley Copeland

    Wonderful price, has a much better deal than at the local suppliers too. LOL.

  9. Gerry Tandberg

    It was worth a try, why always show out of stock in my area, and how to have it as a subscription? Thanks.

  10. Ronald Gross

    Great 1P with on time delivery. Thank you

  11. Dennis

    A diehard fan

  12. Katie H.

    This is by far the best price I’ve found.

  13. Rob Kyle

    For the price , not bad . has a nice trip that I love. Would buy again.

  14. Jansky

    Good as ever.

  15. Mike

    Comfortable with no bitter aftertaste, my favorite.

  16. Kim

    I have been purchasing these for a few years and loved them with zero issues (great visual experience, great pricing, fast shipping, etc), but this batch weaker than that batch I ordered four months ago.
    I will have another trip until my cold is restored.

  17. Gary Thomas

    I use it on Saturday

  18. Ralph

    I don’t know how i lived my life without these before. Will be buying for a really long time.

  19. Paul

    Schneller versand in Ordnung Preis Leistungsverhältnis
    ist wie immer gut für jeden Gelegenheitsforscher Gut

  20. Leonard D. Gingras

    arrived unscathed, thanks.

  21. Jansky

    Magical, always a good choice!

  22. K. Moore

    Package was intact. I have no complaints. Will order again.

  23. Dennis Harang

    I would recommend to a friend!

  24. Joe Streno

    Pretty good price.

  25. Jeremy Wade Casper

    Package arrived on time.

  26. Julio J. Vazquez

    This is surprisingly good! I am only giving a four star, because I order it often and it is currently out-of-stock. Sure wish this drug would come down in price and become affordable.

  27. Alexander Krem

    Gives me the jolt I need and is refreshing.

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